Manage Endpoints Antivirus With Intune

Continuing with our EndPoint Manager, Intune and Defender for EndPoints blog posts, today we will cover how to manage Antivirus on Windows managed devices.

Before you start, If you are licensed for Microsoft Defender for EndPoint, make sure you visit this post and connect Defender and Intune.

Security Policies

Microsoft Intune uses Security Policies to manage endpoint services like Antivirus, Firewall, disk encryption and more. Today, we will create a new security policy that will configure the Antivirus service on a Windows 10 or 11 machine.

From the Endpoint Manager portal:

Click Endpoint security

Under Manage, click on Antivirus

Under AV policies, click on Create Policy

Under Create a profile, select the platform and profile.

Under the Basic tab, name the policy and move on to the configuration settings.

There are 34 Antivirus settings that Intune offers management capabilities, as you can see below.

Review the settings and enable using the dropdown box. Once you finish, go to the assignment tab, add users, save the policy, and wait to deploy it to endpoints.