Ping And Check Host Availability With PowerShell 7

In this blog post, I will show you how to use PowerShell 7 to ping and check host availability with advanced features.


Back in the early days of Windows PowerShell, Microsoft released the test-connection cmdlet which is similar to the ping command line.

With the release of PowerShell 7, the test-connection cmdlet has received a few new features that make it much better than using the simple ping command.


The test-connection cmdlet giving us the following features:

  • IPv4 or IPv6 test
  • Repat of ping without stopping after 4 attempts
  • Traceroute option built into the cmdlet as a switch
  • Timeout
  • TCP port option
  • Show source and destination


To run a simple ping test we use the following cmdlet

test-connection -ipv4

To continue pinging the host I will add the repeat switch

test-connection -ipv4  -repeat

To test if a port is open I will use

test-connection  -tcpport 443

To run a traceroute at the same time I will use

Test-Connection -Traceroute -IPv4

To ping multiple servers at the same time, I will use


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