Install AWS CLI Version 2 On Linux CentOS

In this blog post, I will show you to install AWS CLI version 2 on Linux CentOS and avoid common issues.

Check PATH

The first thing you need to check which paths are configured in your $PATH and note down a path you would like to install the CLI.

To check you paths run:

echo $PATH

In my case, I will install in on /usr/bin because it is in my $PATH.


Once you know the path, run the following commands:

curl "" -o ""

Note: Below I am specifying the path, if you don’t do that it wil go to /usr/local/bin/aws and you will get an error (bash: aws: command not found).

./aws/install -i /usr/bin/aws-cli -b /usr/bin

check installation

If you followd this guide correcty you should the AWS version when running

aws --version

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