Create Azure AD Directory With Custom Domain

This article will show you how to create a new Azure AD directory using a custom domain using the Microsoft Azure Portal.

Using a custom login domain, I’ll not going to use the Microsoft Azure default directory UPN which Is [email protected] Instead I’ll use [email protected] as my UPN.

To do this I’ll use the old Azure portal and not the new as this feature Is only available on the old portal.

To start, I’ll Login to the portal -> Active Directory -> New

Directory -> Custom Create

In the Add directory I Select Create new directory and fill In all the details

Next I click on the newly created directory

Next I’ll add a custom domain that will allow me to log on using [email protected]

I Click on Add Domain

In the domain name I type the domain name

Next I will add a TXT record to my DNS zone that will verify the ownership

Once the domain Is verified the status will show Verified

To add users click on users -> Add

As you can see I use my domain now to create login UPN.

When a user try to log for the first time he will need to change his password