Create Azure AD Directory With Custom Domain

This article will show you how to create a new Azure AD directory using a custom domain using the Microsoft Azure Portal.

Using a custom login domain, I’ll not going to use the Microsoft Azure default directory UPN which Is Instead I’ll use as my UPN.

To do this I’ll use the old Azure portal and not the new as this feature Is only available on the old portal.

To start, I’ll Login to the portal -> Active Directory -> New

Directory -> Custom Create

In the Add directory I Select Create new directory and fill In all the details

Next I click on the newly created directory

Next I’ll add a custom domain that will allow me to log on using

I Click on Add Domain

In the domain name I type the domain name

Next I will add a TXT record to my DNS zone that will verify the ownership

Once the domain Is verified the status will show Verified

To add users click on users -> Add

As you can see I use my domain now to create login UPN.

When a user try to log for the first time he will need to change his password