Connect To A Remote Server Console When All Session Are Used

Sometimes when a few administrators logs on the the same server the server is maxed out all sessions.

When this happens we need to log off the idle sessions, however we can also just connect to the server console session and log of the inactive sessions.

to do so, go to start -> Run and type the following command:
MSTSC /v:MyServer /f /console

How To Set Group Policy To log Off Remote Desktop Session

In order to make the servers log of idle RDP session automaticity using group policy we need edit the group policy that the servers are using.

Under the Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Sessions folder, the following settings can be made:

• Set time limit for disconnected sessions
• Set time limit for active sessions
• Set time limit for idle sessions
• Terminate session when time limits are reached

Once you edit the settings refresh the group policy, using the following command:
Gpupdate /force